Michaela Love
I’m Michaela. In life I stand behind one important thing that became my life project, I call it “Make Love” = do things you love with love. Emotions are essential part of life therefor I put them into everything I do. Anytime I do something I try to put a part of me into it, do it with love. I make trendy hands (Nails with love), I bake sweet pink cakes (Cupcakes with Love). For my friends together with photographs we create photos with depth, souls and emotions. For me that is what connects with Cult of the Road, honest, friendly and love making brand.
Jakob von Rosenstein
I will never forget the day I found at home a vinyl with a guy who had a wild wave-like hairstyle and a red shirt. It was called Best of Elvis Presley, in that moment my world changed. The song I liked the most was Heartbreak Hotel, the mood, the stopwatch, the text of a broken heart, and ultimately to wailing guitar solo and the rainy piano follow-up, like nothing I've heard before. Many years later I discovered that it was a simple blues twelve and that's when began another musical change of my life, I've discovered blues - easy to play hard to feel. Blues opened my way from classic rock n roll, to punk to metal, blues licks were doing a great job. It does not matter if he sings and plays alone about a night full of alcohol and the woman who left him or a band that sings about the engine and wildness, it is always the blues. Blues is also a way, a way after the party when you were animals, a way of life when you have nothing certain, just a long road that does not stop. We're it's supporters…
Martin Vágner
This kid we met at the beginning of our efforts and Martin for me was the proof that birds of a feather flock together. It was during our visit of the bowl in Strašnice, after a short ride on the concrete waves, our attention was caught by a young kid. When this kid got in the pool all the older experienced guys got out of the way. We shortly saw the reason why, this “young gun” surfed through the whole bowl with such aggression and style, we stood stunned. It was immediately clear that this skinny fifteen year old kid will bring something much bigger and at that moment I knew that Martin must be the first member of the Cult. It was people like him we wanted on the team, guys we could support and at the same time get inspiration from. And so it happened. There are not many young guys that do not go with the trends and find interest in the old days, when all you’d do was ride concrete waves over and over and the music was about two guitars, bass, drums and a pissed of guy behind the microphone. This one we shared with Martin..
Ales Moravec
Since I was a little kid I was interested in cars. I must say that I was always interested in something a little different than my friends. Everyone my age wanted the fastest BMW or some other high-end sports car, I was more interested at that age in American motor products. When I bought my first American car (‘91 Pontiac Firebird) it completely changed my world and I my childhood dreams started to come to life... I was mesmerized. After a while I traded the Firebird for a Mustang and began planning what will be my next “toy”. I’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle, even though cars were at the time my true passion. Not much time passed by and I was in the process of getting my bike license, ready to fulfill another childhood dream. During the course, I was thinking hard about what bike to get. After many restless nights and endless abuse of Google search, I have come to a decision. Buying something “for now” is just stupid and thus clear choice was the Harley-Davidson. After that I didn’t waist one minute and stopped by a local Harley-Davidson dealer and ordered something I’ve wanted since I was a kid. After a month and a half the phone finally rang and it Michal from H-D letting me know that the beauty from Milwaukee has at last arrived. The day I got on the beast and took it for the first ride I will never forget! It was amazing to find out what feeling you have from just driving around on a bike, something I could never experience in a car. The feeling when you can just hop on the bike after work, on a weekend or any and every other free time you have and just ride... anywhere, just go and experience the landscape differently than you would in a car. There is no need to go fast, yeah sometimes it’s fun, but the main thing is the driving feel that is so hard to describe. All these little things are what makes my CULT OF THE ROAD...
Rob "TUXROB" Smejkal
Jara Sijka
The essential thing, we need to know about Jara, found at: www.jarasijka.com
Enndie Suicide
“What some people think makes us strange, or weird, or fucked up, we think is
what makes us beautiful.” - In Suicide Girls we stand for idea of redefined beauty. It is what I want to show in every single of my pictures. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than natural beauty. Because only when you do things from the depth of your soul it's turned out to be beautiful. Therefore I found myself in love with shooting. Shooting for Cult of the Road is always an amazing experience because there is a huge idea behind the brand. Idea is what matters the most.
Petra Pets
They say that the best journeys in life answer questions, which, in the beginning, you didn’t even think to ask. The journey started with incredible sunrise in Norway, orchard walks in Tuscany, unexpected hitch-hikes through Romania, Serbia and Bosnia, dirt paths and hopeful faces of the Port-au-Prince tent cities, the smell of newspaper-wrapped fish and chips in Devon, the sound of a tattoo gun in Camden Town, chasing the waterfalls of the DR, hunting by shadows of the 7th Avenue, the morning rush of Brooklyn, the taste of banana curry in Kerala, the heat and humidity of Mumbai, jumping off boats in Uluwatu, and sleepless boat rides to conquer the waves of Lombok. I have been blessed with the ocean, its immensity, power, and rare stillness. Travelling the world with only one suitcase, only scraping a living, but making it a living filled with inspiring souls, memories too rare to forget, and places too beautiful to capture. I try.
City Lights
Ve škole říkali, že z nás nikdy nic nebude a možná měli pravdu. Čím ale být? Chceme hnít svoje životy v kanclu a jako pejsek každej měsíc vrtět na šéfa ocasem za pořádnou výplatu? Nebo se chceme nechat unášet riffama tam, kde je právě lidi chtějí slyšet? Žít cirkusáckej život v dodávce v přátelskym svazku, kde jsou tvoje cíga i moje cíga. Kde je tvoje pivo i moje pivo. Proces tvoření, hodiny zkoušení, přeskakování jisker, objevování nových zákoutí a sama sebe. Je to naše cesta, po který jsme se rozhodli jít. Naše město, který dokonale známe. Další orgán, schovanej kdesi v těle. Třeba to ani není to, co umíme nejlíp na světě, ale rozhodně je to to, co nám dává sílu každý ráno vstát. Každej den rozděláváme oheň aby nás hřál, poskytl nám světlo, aby nám dodal klid. Pálíme naše tělo pro to, co milujeme.